Applying Ethical Theories to Personal Ethics Development

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Ethics is regarded as the area of moral philosophy which is concerned with creating a culture of guiding individuals towards behavior that is morally right or wrong. Ethical theories are divided into three categories by philosophers which are normative ethics, meta ethics and applied ethics (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy). Individuals possessing a good understanding of ethics have immense value in a workplace environment. A character that is morally driven and contains qualities such as honesty, trustworthiness, reliability and fairness, would be of immense value as the business' or the workplace's success is highly reliant on the continuation of having workers that morally fitting and literate. Without the presence of ethical business behavior in any working environment, success can be hard to achieve and it can spoil the whole business culture and environment that the organization is running on as an unethical virus can take over which would be very challenging to remove. Therefore, creating an ethical system in an organization is of paramount importance and could be among the vital pillars that drive the business forward and create a positive repute. It should revolve around honesty and fair dealings, so that the organization can maintain a positive image of itself which will help to create a good standing for the company. An organization plagued with disrepute and a negative image due to lack of ethics and moral values cannot be very healthy or successful in the

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