The Sperm and the Egg - Silly Story for Psy/265

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The Sperm and the Egg
Felicia Felix
December 4, 2011
Professor Tiffany Hamlett

This is the journey of the white knight, Sperm, and his princess, Egg, on their journey to Castle infundibulum, which is the outer part of the fallopian tube, and the land of the uterus. With their arrival, it will be decided whether they will become a male or female embryo and in turn that embryo will become a baby! Princess Egg has waited a long time and looked forward for her white knight to find her. It is fate that the two will meet, because there are so many in their homes that it is only chance that they combine. We will be starting out with the princess in her home in the ovary, while the knight is …show more content…

There are also many different traits they both bring to their meeting that affect the different physical aspects of the embryo. From the testicles, Sperm makes his way to the epididymis where he spends his time meeting with his fellow knights and maturing for about a month to prepare for the great battle to gain unity with Princess Egg forever. Once they finish their training, the knights travel into the Vans Deferens tube and move into the seminal vesicle where they freshen

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