The Spirit Of The Holy Spirit

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There are many believers, faiths and doctrinal teachings that acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit, however, they do not ascribe his actions and the power to an individual essence but rather to mere influence. I do believe that the Holy Spirit is a person, in-fact the Third Person of the Trinity who is equal with the Father and the Son in essence. When it comes to the individual acts of the Holy Spirit as recorded in scripture, Elmer Town says it best “the Holy Spirit does a number of things only a person can do; and it is the unfolding of this precept that I believe continuously bears witness to the person of the Holy Spirit. I also believe that the Holy Spirit, the Third person of the Trinity is also God and as God, He is worthy of our worship and our praise. I believe in the ministry and the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit; and despite all of the external influences and desires of the flesh, the believer by the power of the Holy Spirit is enabled to live a godly life in this present ungodly and evil world (Ezekiel 36:2, Acts 2:38). I believe that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is to manifest the active presence of God in this world especially in the life of the believer so to purify and convict us of our sins (1 Cor 6:11, John 6:8-11 and Acts 7:51) . From the foundation and creation of the world scripture bears witness to the power of the Holy Spirit. In the book of Genesis it was the Holy Spirit that moved in the darkness upon the face of the waters to

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