The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

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LIBERTY THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY RESEARCH PAPER: THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT A Paper Submitted to Liberty Theological Seminary in partial fulfillment of the requirements for completion of the course THEO 530 Systematic Theology II By Grace Park Lynchburg, Virginia August 10, 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS Thesis and Introduction 3 Understanding of Holy Spirit 3 Understanding of Gifts 4 Definition for the Gifts 4 Distribution of Gifts 8 Recipients of Gifts 8 Purpose of Gifts Classification of Gifts 9 Gifts of motivation 10 Gifts of ministry position 12 Gifts of manifestation 14 Conclusion 15 Bibliography 18 Thesis Statement The various gifts of the Holy Spirit as listed in Scripture are conveyed according to the will of the Holy Spirit to every man for the eventual purpose of the edification and building up the church body. Introduction Understanding of Holy Spirit To start our research, we need to ask a critical question at the very beginning : Who is the Holy Spirit? The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is a person. Jesus never referred to “it” when He was talking about the Holy Spirit. In John 14,15 and 16, for example, He spoke of the Holy Spirit as “He” because He is not a force or thing but a person. The point is especially important at a time when pantheistic tendencies are

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