The Spiritual Path And Meditation Practice

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Mother Teresa May have Gone Through These Seven Stages
By E. Raymond Rock | Submitted On September 08, 2007

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1. Christian: Orison (Introversion) - Christian meditation and prayer.

Conversion: Here a practitioner converts from an external to an internal emphasis, as the search for Truth, or God begins. Practitioner has good intentions, and prays or meditates occasionally.

Eastern: Practitioner begins to question life.

2. Christian: Conversion deepens: Reading books, listening to sermons, cultivating a circle of spiritual friends. Begins occasional meditation.

Eastern: The spiritual path and meditation practice begins.

3. Christian: Purgation: Transformation of character, in order to reach higher levels of consciousness of reality or God. Seeing our sins, our greed, hatred and illusions, and with the assistance of God and meditation, dissolving them.

Mortification: The old character is erased. Self interests and attachments are gotten rid of. The old personality is sublimated. This is total death to all old attachments. The old inclinations to human pleasures and satisfactions are eliminated. There is only the desire to please God, or to…
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