The Sports Of A Boy Named Ricky

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A boy named Ricky is a freshman in high school, who worked hard to keep a C average in grades. Since he kept his grades up, he was able to keep himself involved in the school 's wrestling team. A shortage in the school budget led to some programs being cut and one of them is the school 's wrestling team, which Ricky plays for. Now since Ricky will not be spending his extra leisure time practicing or going to games, he is involved in activities outside of school that are not structured and educational, which kids should not be involved in. He is spending time outside of a corner store with friends which is bad for the business for that corner store. With kids hanging outside just to “hang” shows costumers a bad environment to enter, so they turn away from that business. Appearance is everything to businesses and if you have a crowd outside people maybe to scared to enter. The noise from the kids talking, yelling, and having multiple conversations amongst friends can be bad for business also, which brings complains of loud noises. For little kids of this age is a scary thing because they are around grown adults that are up to no good hanging out at corner stores also. These are unsafe environments for these kids. Gang activities are present, crimes are being committed, and no adult role models are present. All these different social problems are affecting Ricky by him not having any after school program to spend his leisure time at. With a group of kids hanging out they can

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