The Squire's Tale Series Essay

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The Squire's Tale Series is a series of novels by renowned children’s author Gerald Morris. The series of novels are a contemporary retelling of the Arthurian legends and include many of the characters that make an appearance in the legends. Sir Gawain one of the most popular characters in the legends and his squire Terence who is author Morris’s creation are characters in all of his books. For the most part, each novel in the series is a narrative following onArthurian legend and the different character though he sometimes blends two or more stories in the writing of one novel. For instance, The Ballad of Sir Dinadan features a protagonist whose experiences mirror the narratives of Tristram and Isolde and those of Culwch and Olwen. With so many characters, Morris rotates the character even though the themes of the novels remain similar from novel to novel. All of the novels have a different lead character except for the first two that have the lead as Terence Sir Gawain’s squire. The series is noted for having amazing humor and given the fact that Gerald Morris is an expert of the Arthurian legends, the stories have a…show more content…
His fortunes change when strange green sprite appears to him and guides him to Gawain who is King Arthur’s nephew. Gawain is heading to Camelot where he is to be knighted and needs a squire. Trevisant had long ago seen his charge serving as squire to Gawain and hence he asks Terence to follow the prince and become his squire. Thus begins an adventure-filled tale for Terence as his life is now has to fight envious men, and fight damsels in distress all in the service of his lord and king. Along the way, he finds new magic skills, which he comes to learn, are a gift from his long dead parents. Using his magical abilities, he tries to find answers to the questions about his past while his lord Sir Gawain pursues the quest to be named a
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