The Standard 1 Learning Development

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Standard 1 Learning Development

This standard provides appropriate instruction for each child’s ability level. I understand that every child is unique in his or her own learning styles and development. It is imperative for students’ success that teachers implement developmentally appropriate experiences in the classroom. Therefore, I will provide students with unique and meaning but developmentally appropriate learning experiences and instruction that are challenging enough to foster learning and critical thinking.
Teachers understand how students learn, grow and develop in different ways, such as cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical. The purpose is to develop a great way to deal with challenges in learning development. …show more content…

When I first become a teacher, I will set up my classroom with table in a group collaboration, but will also be easily utilized for individual learning. Students will have many opportunities to express themselves in many ways like independently and in a group setting. Students will also receive extrinsic motivation while learning how to motivate themselves intrinsically through a gained value and ownership of their own education. The importance of creating a learning environment that fosters learning, interaction, engagement, and motivation. I found that classroom management, rules, routines, and community building activities very fitting of this standard. The Classroom Management Plan, Classroom Expectations, Classroom Climate Activity, and a Student-Centered Discipline Plan will help the environment in the classroom.
Standard 4 Content Knowledge
This standard is to take advantage of a variety of teaching methods, provide instruction that will help increase students’ development of critical thinking and problem solving. When I become a teacher, I will strive to serve in different roles to provide teacher centered as well as learner centered instruction by taking advantage of different teaching methods and making the content more meaningful as well as accessible for every student. This standard explains that it is important for teachers to understand the content and different instructional methods in order to make the content equally

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