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Summary: The president of Essex County College, Dr.Gale Gibson was suspended by the Colleges Board of Trustees because of accusations of misuse of the college’s resources. The college’s position is that it is in the best interest of the students as well as the college to protect its integrity that she be suspended while the investigation is going on. This statement was provided to “The Star Ledger Newspaper” by Essex County Executive, Joseph DiVincenzo. Details into the investigation were not provided, however; Dr. Gibson’s lawyer believed her suspension was political in nature. The Board has declined to answer any questions and there is suspicion that politics has played a role in her suspension. A student representative on the board was excluded from voting, and was surprised by …show more content…

I decided to do a little research on my own and found on “” an article on Dr. Gibson’s suspension. In the article it included much of the same information shared on “The Chronicle for Higher Ed”, however; it provided some background information on Dr. Gibson’s appointment as President that may very well explain the political connection. The article started out by stating, “Dr. Gibson was removed from her position amid a mysterious probe into alleged misuse of the school's resources, and details remain shrouded in secrecy.” Gibson was appointed President of Essex County College in 2013 when the Board chose her to replace the outgoing President. When the outgoing President stepped down after three years of service, Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo openly backed someone else, a former county administrator to succeed her. The board ultimately chose Dr. Gibson, naming her doctoral degree as the determining factor. The former county administrator, who was not chosen for the President’s job, was promoted to vice president of administration and finance, a cabinet position that came with a very high

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