The Star of Bethlehem Essay

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It is commonly thought the star of Bethlehem rose in the east and continued brightly as the wise men followed the star to Bethlehem. Recent evidence has shown this is not the case. Key evidence shown in the Bible reveals nine specific characteristics this ‘star’ needs for it to be the true star of Bethlehem. Beyond these, there are questions about the star and those who witnessed the event that need to be answered. These questions include: Who were the wise men? How did they know what the star meant? And how can a star stop? The first three of the nine points state what the star meant to the wise men. When the wise men asked in Matthew 2:2 “Where is the one who has been born King of the Jews?” This question implies the star indicated …show more content…

There are clues within ancient documents and the bible leading toward the date. In the bible Herod is alive at the time of the birth of Jesus. The most current documents place Herod’s death around 4 B.C. But, in the earliest of writings by Josephus, Herod’s death is placed at 1 B.C. This change opens up two years for us to look for the star. In the bible, it states from the wise men the star was the brightest star. Common theories say the star could have been a comet, a meteor, a nova, and a host of others. Comets are in fact very bright, but in the ancient times comets were regarded as omens of doom and destruction. God would not have used a negative to signify the birth of Christ when he wanted Christ to be received in a joyous manner. The star could not have been a meteor because they shoot across the sky and do not stop. Also, meteors do not last long in the sky, thus failing to suffice for the nine points of the star. The latter is also same for a nova; they do not endure over time. The fact that Herod needed to ask what the sign was and when it appeared shows us that it needed to be a common appearance in the sky, or something not very noticeable. When each of these criteria are factored into the equation, very interesting result come about. What to my wondering eyes should appear? But a star named Jupiter and Regulus together! In the year 3 B.C. the regular twelve-year crossing of Jupiter and Regulus occur over the night sky. Both Jupiter and

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