The Starry Night By Salvador Dali

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Comparative study

The starry night (Van Gogh)
The persistence of memory (Dali)
Invader (ongoing since 1998)
Starry night:

The starry night is a painting that was made by Vincent van Gogh. It’s a landscape painting made in June of 1889. It’s an oil painting on a canvas that he painted while in an asylum after he had a breakdown in 1888. He painted the starry night while he inside of the asylum that he voluntarily went to. The starry night is one of many versions of the paintings he made. He made many paintings of the view from his room in the asylum in different weather. Each painting was of the same view however van Gogh managed to make each painting different from each other and they each were unique in their own separate ways.

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Scholars and critics believed that Dali made the clocks in the painting melt in response to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. This was not the case, Dali himself replied with his simple answer, He made the clocks look like they were melting because he took inspiration from a wheel of cheese he saw melting in the sun. In 1954 Dali made a similar painting, almost a continuation of the first painting to make a story, called the disintegration of the persistence of memory, and in it, it is the same as the first painting however in it everything that was once there is now falling apart. The jagged rocks that can be seen on the right are what Dali painted because they are from the tip of a peninsula in Spain. He was often inspired by the nature around him while he lived in …show more content…

The clocks are melting and there is a lot of mystery in the darkness of the painting. The only objects in the painting that don’t seem to look strange is the small tree on which one of the clocks is melting and the mountain in the background. The persistence of memory is supposed to represent what kind of things are seen when in a dream state in Dali’s own memory. I think that the clocks are melting because when you have a dream it feels like it’s a few minutes long however when you awaken from a dream you find that night is gone and the morning is already here, so time does not really happen in dreams which could be why the clocks are melting as they don’t any use.

Space invaders - Artist: Invader (His real name is unknown)

Invader is a French artist however his name is unknown and his appearance is also unknown. He makes his art during the night and wears a mask. His artwork project “Space invaders” has been ongoing since 1998 and he is slowly expanding where his art is placed in the world.
He even has one of his mosaics in the ISS (international Space Station) as of 2015.

Originally he wanted to make the space invaders be tiles on canvases but he realized that it would be perfect to make it directly on walls since tiles are the perfect material for that. He began displaying his art in public places on walls, and he started off doing this in Paris. Over time he has slowly expanded the reach of his art and he

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