The Status Of The World 's Women

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The status of the world’s women is not only a matter of morality and justice. It is also a political, economic, and social imperative. The evidence is irrefutable: when women are free to develop their talents and contribute fully to their societies, everyone benefits.
– Hillary Clinton, 5/12/2010
Women are a large portion of the populace, almost 60% possess professional degrees, make up 47% of the workforce and represent 53% of voters. Despite the fact that they have broken every barrier many times over, women occupy only 18% of the top management positions across the world. While the representation of women in noteworthy positions of political and business sectors has enhanced in some cases, (20 states have female Senators) the leadership pool is still male-dominated. The U.S. places 80th in the world when it comes to female representation in authoritative positions, just ahead of countries that are openly criticized for their treatment of women, like Iraq and Afghanistan. As of 2014, only 4.2% of CEO positions and under 17% of board seats are held by ladies among Fortune 500 organizations.
Evidence across the region has shown that having more women in senior authority promotes brilliance in areas of performance. Research demonstrates that organizations with more women in power within governing bodies are more gainful and have higher profits for value. Having more women with political authority brings about better choice and strategy making. Well-taught women and

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