The Std And Its Effects On College Campuses

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There are so many people in this world with an STD that know they have it and will not tell others’ that they sleep with, so they spread it. Especially on college campuses. There are also people who do not know they have an STD yet, but as long as they do not know and are having sex they can be spreading it to many others. An STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. Some of the STD’S that they are spreading are life changing and irreversible. There are not severe consequences for their actions everywhere, so they continue to ruin others’ lives. Should people everywhere with an STD have a severe consequence that are knowingly spreading it? Should there be a law passed for every state to give punishment for the transmitting of STD’s? “Only someone acting to intentionally infect another, and successfully doing so, would face a 25-year prison term (the maximum for a class B felony). An unsuccessful attempt to infect, or acting with “reckless disregard, would be a class D felony. That is punishable by a maximum of five years in prison. A person who simply failed to disclose their HIV status could be charged with a misdemeanor (Heitz, David)”. There should be punishment in each state for spreading an STD, wither its temporary or permanent and nobody should be exempt; also people young and old should be required to get tested for STD’s and take a class with information about the different STD’s. People all over the U.S who have an STD and people in general that are sexually
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