The Stereotypes Of Calvin Klein : A Critical Analysis Of Advertising

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Calvin Klein’s advertisement received mixed reviews. Some argue that the photos are “sexual and empowering,” whereas others find it “creepy and disgusting.” On the other hand, a designer at Refinery29 says: “If you find these ads offensive or exploitative then you probably aren’t clued in to what’s going on these days” (PatrickCoffee.) Has the Calvin Klein brand gone too far this time? Well, in my opinion, I think not… and here is why. They are photos. There are women in the photos. These photos have underlying provocative connotation. So what? If these photos were of men with the same headline, would this advertisement receive the same backlash? Are men disgraced for participating in similar photo advertisements? Justin Bieber poses for Calvin with similar headlines, and Mark Walberg was photographed for Calvin Klein and shown groping his private area. Both praised and admired, these men did not receive the same criticism as the female models in this current campaign. Why? Other complaints reveal that the content in this campaign is too sexual for a public audience. I can’t help but ask…how do you know that this campaign was intended for you? Calvin Klein’s campaign has a specific target audience they want to reach. If you do not appreciate the ad, it probably was not intended for you and you are probably not a part of their target audience. I believe there are plenty other sexual innuendos prevalent in today’s pop culture, and this campaign should not spark such shock and

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