The Stifling Health Concerns Of Dietary Supplements Consumers

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The lack of regulation in the supplement industry The concoction of deceptive business methods and unrestricted regulations have resulted in detrimental health concerns of dietary supplements consumers. Dietary supplements is virtually unrestricted, and expanding its markets, much like the “snake-oil” medicines of the early 1900s . In 1993, this industry was generating 4 billion a year, by 2003 consumers spent 16.8 billions on supplements, and it is currently at 37 billion a year.(Wingert,1993; Larsen, 2003; Bradley, 2015). This massive industry is gaining popularity from the increasing amount of health enthusiast, and aging population. However due to the introduction of the DSHEA and the limiting of the FDA’s regulatory power, this industry has become chaotic,dangerous but highly profitable. Consumers are in danger of ingesting unregulated and potentially dangerous pill, that are marketed to them as nature’s cures. The lobbyist and senators pass law in favor of this lucrative industry and it will continue to grow and prospers, until the victimized consumers stand up and strongly voice their opinions. Just like when the industry successfully campaign for supplements and limiting regulations, we consumers should use our democratic voice against the lack of obstacles, and safety measures of supplements. Back in the 1900s, due to the lack of regulations, anything in a bottle can be called medicine. This opportunity led to the creation of many quack doctors , who

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