The Effectiveness of Medicine in Physiological Disorders Essay

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Physiological disorders are characterized as mental disorders. Any abnormality bizarre reactions concerning behavioral or mental state that occurs frequently and that is eventually affecting the person’s life, is considered a psychological disorder. People who suffer from mental disorders have difficulties relating, socializing, communicating, and building relationships because of their mental state. There is a huge variety of psychological disorders. Some are more dangerous for the person and can bring more distress to the person´s life compared to other disorders that can be easily dealt with through therapy. Medicine is very common nowadays. People today will go to medicine as their first source when it comes to illness. There are …show more content…

The psychiatrist would be given the patient different medication which could be dangerous for the person if the person were to mix the different medications and take them. These dangerous and careless mixtures of medications don’t always happen. Some medications for psychological disorders might could have any effect with other medications. So taking different treatments are the same time might also be harmless for the person. However, there will always be some psychological cases where the treatments that have been given to the patient would be definitely mortal if mixed with another medication. Medicine is not the only way to deal with psychological disorders. Many psychological disorders are better handled with therapy rather than medicine. Therapy is a way to help people with psychological disorders to live a normal lfe no matter what their state of mind of their psychological situation might be. Taking therapy has many good and promising results in the patient. Therapy can teach the patients to get to know themselves deeper and to find out what they are really feeling, what makes them feel of act a certain way and analyze why they respond the way they do. People can learn to not let their psychological disorder take over their lives and affect their relationships with other people. Many have learned how to keep some mental disorders under control just by taking

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