The Story Of Logan O Brien's Kidnap Catastrophe

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Kidnap Catastrophe

Logan O’Brien snuck into the local hospital. It was nothing special, old roof and long hallways that needed a new paint job, but it would help Logan get what he needed. Most of the hospital was full of people sick with the flu, but that was not the reason he was here. He was here to get medicine for his little brother, Newt, who had a deadly disease that caused him to see his worst nightmares.

Logan needed the medicine, so every Thursday he would sneak into the hospital to get the insulin Newt needed. It was, infact, the only insulin in the whole kingdom of Athens, and it was not needed a lot, so it was not produced as much as most medicines. That’s why he did this, stole from the local hospital, he tried to get the medicine to save his step-brother. Logan kept thinking
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He stayed there though, in the corner behind the boxes. He was trying to process the information he had just heard. “This can’t be happening,” Logan thought to himself as he stood up and started walking towards the door. “I have to tell Mom.” Before he left, he grabbed two more bottles of insulin. He finally reached the doors of the hospital and he left. When out of the sight of everyone, he took off the guard’s uniform, revealing his own clothes. A plain white t-shirt and blue shorts. He hid the uniform in a nearby ditch and he sprinted towards his mother’s house.

When he arrived to his mother’s house, an old log cabin, he slung the door open and ran into the living room. She wasn’t there, so he checked in the kitchen, and there his mother was with a knife in her hands aiming it at Logan’s chest. When she saw it was just her son, Mrs. Nightshade put the knife down. “Logan you scared- What’s wrong?” she asked noticing the sad look in his eyes. “I have something important to tell you,” he told his mother, dreading telling his mother the horrific news and leaving her with another burden on her
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