The Stress Of Civilian Life

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The Stress of Civilian Life Belinda Maio Liberty University Abstract The stress that a soldier faces when they leave the military can be overwhelming. Most soldiers enlist out of high school or College. They go from living with their parents to living within the fortress of military institutions. They are given everything that they need while they are in the service. They learn to live a certain type of life. This life is organized and there is little that the servicemen need to figure out for themselves. They have everything that they can ever need right on the base where they live. Then after years of service, they are retired or they do not reenlist. Now this is where their stress begins. They are faced with now finding…show more content…
This is not a flaw of the military servicemen and woman it is just the way the system is set up. The Money Going from the military life to being a civilian can put a financial hardship on the family mostly if the servicemen are unable to find work when they get out of the military. The family is then forced to go on a tight budget. In order to understand the hardship on the servicemen it is important to understand how the military works as far as money, and benefits that the servicemen are given and how they helped them make ends meet. In the military, servicemen are used to getting money for their food, rent, and clothing. Every month in the military depending on your rank, you get B.H.A. This stands for Basic Housing Allowance. The higher rank you are the more money you get. So in a sense you are living rent free and can possibly make money if your rent is lower than your B.HA. Then you get B.A.S which stands for Basic allowance for subsistence. Now this is a set amount. There is a single amount and a married amount. This money is used for groceries each month. The military member also gets a clothing allowance. This is set to your rank also. There is also the cost of living allowance. So if you live in a place which has a high cost of living you would receive an adjustment to make up for this and so you can afford to live there. Along with all the money that the servicemen and woman get there are also bonus pays for combat, hazardous duty pay,
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