The Struggle Of The Civil War

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The Civil War lasted for only four years, from 1861-1865, but it led to many economic, political, and social developments that remained for far longer than the fighting. From 1860-1877, for example, many impactful events happened leading to the start and end of the war and into the rebuilding that was necessary after the fighting left behind devastation. In 1861, Fort Sumter was fired upon, and the north was angered into action causing Lincoln to call for soldiers to come and fight the south. Along with his call for soldiers, he became commander in chief and carried out his role as president through a military standpoint, thereby strengthening his position and the whole government. After the war came to a close, though the fighting was done, the devastation was incredible and the nation was forced into having to rebuild the broken government and sense of unity, they did this through improving communication, passing laws to include blacks, and trying to make money after the Emancipation Proclamation freed their workforce. For 17 years, the nation was riddled with changes in all areas of life including the economy, politics, and social problems due to the destructive Civil War and the powerful leadership of Abraham Lincoln. Prior to the 1860s, many events led to the southern states anger towards the government, however, the final straw was Abraham Lincoln being elected president in 1860, though he wasn’t on some of the southern states’ ballots. This caused uproar and South

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