Animal Farm Essay

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Even though some people might take it offensive to compare such terrible historical events to an animal farm, I think this approach interests the reader and makes it more understandable and exciting. My position is that it is more effective to show George Orwell's political views through an allegorical fable because this way the story seems less harsh, than if you were to read about what Stalin and Napoleon really did to the world in those weeks. In Animal Farm, George Orwell’s political views are shown in an entirely new light, as he explains the reader his opinions throughout an allegorical fable in a more settled way. Animal Farm is also categorized as a satirical novel, because it is taking a very brutal story about the hierarchy and fights between Stalin, Napoleon, Karl Marx and spread of communism, and then choose to make a theater of this with cute animals like pigs, dogs, cats, pigeons. That is shown with this quote: “”Why should we care what happens after we are dead?” or “If this Rebellion is to happen anyway, what difference does it make whether we work for it or not?” and the pigs had great difficulty in making them see that this was contrary to the spirit of Animalism” (16-17) The animals don’t get why they have to fight, but since their ‘masters’ say they have to do it they are left with no choice but doing it. By doing this he wasn’t name calling any of the powerful men, and he also let the reader do their own thinking, making their own

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