The Success Of Success At School

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The average student in a developed country spends 17.7 years in school. Generally, their success within these years of learning is measured by their grades and development but rarely on success in their careers after school. However, despite what many teachers stress to their students, being successful in school does not ensure a successful career in business as this success requires different skills and personality traits. A narrow view is often taken where only western countries are compared. When interpretation of evidence is more international, the understanding of data can change. There are many examples of successful entrepreneurs who did not thrive in school based learning and just as many failed business ventures headed by graduates of the best universities in the world. Many business people who revolutionised their industry left school without attaining a degree. Being successful in school therefore does not always mean you will be successful in business. Success at school does not guarantee you have the talent, ingenuity and determination to prosper in a competitive business environment. Success can mean many different things depending on the circumstances. Modern school success is looked at as a more rounded development, incorporating student persistence, educational attainment, academic achievement, student advancement, and holistic development. In the context of the essay question, the properties of school success I will be focusing on are educational

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