The Success Of The 1980 ' S

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Introduction The 1980’s were a period of many different innovations, studies, misfortunes, and explorations in the United States. This was a decade full of outspoken, optimistic and assertive Americans, this was a time for change. It was really a period that kind of refreshed the US and created a more confident country. There were many people that were trying to find a voice for themselves and realizing that people have a voice and it should be used and heard. Not only were things evolving in the music and fashion industry, politics were taking a huge turn, for the better, and the general everyday life of living in this decade was different than any other decade thus far.

All about the Eighties To understand the problems and success of the 1980’s, the understanding of the past decades and the problems with each need to be addressed, starting with the 1960’s. The Sixties were knows as the “Golden Age”. John F Kennedy was elected president on January 20, 1961. The first act Kennedy planned on pursuing was to eradicate injustice and inequality, though that didn’t go as planned. President Kennedy was assassinated in 1964. Lyndon B Johnson took over and that is when he planned to make the US a “Great Society” where race and poverty was not an issue. He helped the poor by setting up programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Helping the poor because rather expensive though, and had to be put on the back burner so the government could put all of its focus…

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