The Success Of The 1980 ' S

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Introduction The 1980’s were a period of many different innovations, studies, misfortunes, and explorations in the United States. This was a decade full of outspoken, optimistic and assertive Americans, this was a time for change. It was really a period that kind of refreshed the US and created a more confident country. There were many people that were trying to find a voice for themselves and realizing that people have a voice and it should be used and heard. Not only were things evolving in the music and fashion industry, politics were taking a huge turn, for the better, and the general everyday life of living in this decade was different than any other decade thus far. All about the Eighties To understand the…show more content…
The 1970’s were a very troubled time, and between the 1970’s and the 1960’s, Americans lost all trust in the government. The 1970’s were full of protesting and a lot of fighting for Civil Rights, women fighting for equal treatment, African and Native Americans and also gays fighting for a voice. The journey for equality continues, as does the protesting against the Civil War. President Nixon was in office at this time. The 1970’s became a decade of love and peace and equality. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 in hopes that it would help with anti-pollution. The Watergate scandal was huge during this time. President Nixon had his political party break in to the Watergate building to tap phone and steal important documents. He also paid out money to stop the FBI from continuing on the case. After two years of investigating, the impeachment process was in effect for Nixon. He then resigned before that could happen, though On August 9th, 1974 Gerald Ford become the United States 38th president after Nixon’s resigning. He also escaped being assassinated two different times. Though, his presidency was short-lived, and a new president takes office, Jimmy Carter, in 1976. If asked the usual answer to a question like, “How would you describe the Eighties?”, or “What do you remember most about the “80’s”?” would probably be along the lines of, “Big hair, neon

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