The Success Of The Goal

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The targets supporting the achievement of the goal can be measured, are indeed being measured but fail to provide built in incentives or sanctions should these targets not be met or fulfilled. The idea is to put a stop to deforestation, restore land and water ecosystems, protect the planet’s biodiversity and various species. Key to the success of the goal is the target to significantly increase financial resources to support conservation, sustainable development and ensure equitable sharing and access to resources. Although these targets can be measured, the accuracy of the data can be called into question because government sources are not always the most trustworthy. Some geographical areas of the world have shown to have skewed the facts (“Spot the Rancher”). The failure of the Kyoto accord and the Canadian tar sands illuminate the uphill battle the UN faces in attaining their goal. As long as elected officials choose to favour economic growth and profit over sustainable development and equality the goal will not be achieved and the targets are irrelevant.

The targets are measurable. Organizations such as the World Resources Institute have been working to create an international forest watch. With the use of satellites and technology that provides new ways of detecting deforestation patterns, forests can be far more easily monitored an analyzed. This gives governments an ability to police their forests and allows them to be alerted when certain areas are in danger…
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