The Summer Soldier And The Peace Of A Man's War

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I see that many soldiers have signed the statement that Howe has offered. How dare those soldiers dare to call themselves Americans as they betray the new country, and become loyal to the old tyrant again. I however will remain silent, as it is not my business. But we all must remain loyal! As these thoughts humm through my head, I notice that General Washington marches up to the front to call an order. “I see that many of my troops are deserting, but I have one thing to say before you sign that statement!” General Washington states. As I gather all of my attention to him, I notice a small pamphlet like book resting in his hands. A book that I soon recognize, a book that I had once read before that made me inspired to fight! He …show more content…

“Yes of course.” I said very quickly following behind as he walked and lead me to the tent. “There is no chance that we can defeat the opposing troops in one large battle, we must figure out a discreet way to fight, or a way to gain an advantage!” the General said in a professional, strict like tone. “Of course.” I said understanding the General while trying to figure some strategies. However, even though I was proud to be fighting alongside these loyal men and to fight for my country, it was nearing the end of December. The time of joy, happiness, and giving at Christmas. It pained me that I must spend it away from my loving wife and children. I must remember though, that I am fighting for them. “Of course!” the General exclaimed, “How have I not thought of an idea like this sooner!” I was quite intrigued by this response of the General, even my hopes that were already higher than most were growing. “What idea I might ask, sir.” I exclaimed. “It is nearing the holidays as you may know, the Hessians will certainly be relaxing, and they will expect no one during these times.” the General said mischievously. My face I could feel grew solemn. “Whatever is matter, this is an excellent start?” He could see into my thoughts, he could sense that as holidays drew nearer the more I longed to be home with my family, but I must not show weakness. “Nothing's the matter, sir, I am thinking of

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