The Sun Comes up in Shadowlands

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The doorbell rang and it was then that I realised I must have been staring out of the window for at least 20 minutes, daydreaming. My favorite thing to do, ever since I started going out with this guy called Patrick. I slowly walked to the other side of the room, to see whoever came in first. It was my best friend Ava and her new boyfriend Jeremy. They managed to get in somehow with two giant purple balloons and wished me a Happy Birthday, handing me their present. The rest of our friends were supposed to arrive very soon, so they managed to help me with the decoration I didn't have time to put up. While I was putting the food on the table, I was thinking about how well this evening should turn out. Not only because of my birthday, but I wanted to introduce Patrick to my closest friends. They've heard so many things about him, they sounded really interested in him and wanted to know him as well. I told him to turn up a little bit later, in order to introduce him to everyone at once. The doorbell rang and suddenly the rest of my friends filled the room with laughter and chit-chatting. The room started to get a little bit overcrowded and I couldn't tell whether Patrick was already here or not. I guessed that calling his cellphone wouldn't be the best idea, because the music was really loud. Anyway, he wasn't answering. Maybe he is just stuck in traffic or had to work overtime. It was half past nine and he should have been here. He said he will try to come no matter what. My
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