The Supervisor 's Guidebook Plus Motivating Human Service Staff

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Efficient staff members keep companies moving and meeting the needs of clients in business organizations and the human service industry. Supervising staff brings a variety of challenges to make decisions about how to manage, what approach to use with staff and understanding the research to guide decision-making processes. This report will consider the works of Aubrey Daniel’s book, Oops! 13 Management Principles that Waste Time and Money; Dennis Reid and Marsha Parson’s book The Supervisor’s Guidebook plus Motivating Human Service Staff by Dennis Reid, Marsha Parsons and Carolyn W. Green. These books look at management practices from a behavioral aspect. Understanding pay for performance, performance assessment, and feedback are three key areas to explore and understand various approaches to guide supervisors.
Pay for performance and assessment When considering the use of money to motivate staff, it is undisputed in all sources that pay raises do not improve job performance due to the delivery of pay being once a year. In an article by Inc. Magazine (Oct. 2103),it supports money alone is not a motivator for staff. Supervisors may be limited in the control of the distribution of money. They may conduct a performance review, establishing indicators for upper management to determine the potential annual raise or for other monitory bonuses or incentives. When using money to motivate staff to perform it may be more advantageous to consider a pay for performance…
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