The Supreme Leader Of Indian Independence

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How does the supreme leader of Indian independence view the new innovations coming into India? In 1909, Mohandas Gandhi shares his views of the societal ills in modern India during the time. He does this through the writing of Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule. Throughout the book, Gandhi proves the overall state of India has dissolved due to the roles of lawyers, actions of doctors, and effects of the railways. First, the overall condition of India has decomposed due to the roles of lawyers. The first way lawyers make India worse off is by advancing the Hindus and Mahomedans argument. Gandhi believes that normal men seem better fit to resolve the argument than lawyers. He explicitly states this by claiming, “An ordinary man will ask them to forget all about it ; he will tell them that both must be more or less at fault, and will advise them no longer to quarrel” (Hind Swaraj, p.41). Instead of doing things this way, each party consults a lawyer. Gandhi describes the duties of lawyers as, “The latter’s duty is to side with their clients and to find out ways and arguments in favour of the clients to which they (the clients) are often strangers” (Hind Swaraj, p.41.). By doing this, lawyers try to make their side of the argument appear more validated than the oppositions. Gandhi also claims that lawyers place their profession at stake if their argument fails. He says this by stating, “If they do not do so they will be considered to have degraded their profession” (Hind Swaraj,…
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