The Synergy Family Foster Care Agency Essay

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The Synergy Family Foster Care Agency sits on a residential block among homes located between Poplar Street and Cartwright Drive. On the east side of Chillicothe in Ross County Ohio on East Main Street the outside of the agency looks like a two story home. The home has a porch, only from the front side it has brick only half way up and then white siding all the way around. Also, on the left side is a stair case that ascends up to the second floor as an entryway for a tenant.
As the person walks in they step into a small lobby to your right is a small play area for the children to look straight is an office painted green. As you turn to the left and walk through the doorway this takes you into another office this has three …show more content…

Synergy will also be willing to provide assistance to agencies in order to complete the adoption process. Goals for Synergy Family Foster Care, Inc. are to the expansion of creative and innovative programs and network f community and agency-based services that support children and families. The Synergy staffs, board of trustees and volunteers continue to offer innovative solutions to many of the problems that affect children and families in need. Synergy Family Foster Care, Inc. remains dedicated to continuing its support of children and families and having a positive impact upon the lives of thousands of people throughout Ohio.
Synergy Family Foster Care, Inc. believes that each child in our family foster homes shall have: The Right to enjoy freedom of thought, conscience and religion, the enjoyment of privacy, to have his or her opinions heard and be included, to the greatest extent possible, when any decisions are being made affecting his or her life. Receive appropriate and reasonable adult guidance, support, and supervision from foster caregivers. The Right to be free from physical abuse and inhumane treatment, to be protected from all forms of sexual exploitation, to receive adequate and appropriate medical care, to receive adequate and appropriate food, clothing, and housing, to his/her own money and personal

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