The Syrian Crisis Essay

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The current state of the Syrian crisis may not be as volatile as before, but there is indeed a great deal of tension that remains. Civilian targeted warfare not only violates UN law, it violates human law. Real humans today are experiencing damage to their communities, both structural and population wise, while also living through a dilapidated and corrupt government. Because of the poor nature of these societies, rebuilding has gone very slowly, leaving people in the cold and alone. Many things can be pointed to this issue of human dignity. “People with their limbs blown off, children in terrible pain with no relief... Imagine a slaughterhouse. This is worse. Even a slaughterhouse is more humane.” (Shaheem, 2). The violence seen in …show more content…

When international law is broken, the current reality of those in the situation rapidly deteriorates. When laws are being broken and nothing is happening, there is no possible way to estimate or predict the next catastrophe and it’s scale. “The latest string of attacks on health facilities north of Aleppo appears to be part of a pattern of attacks on medics and hospitals, a strategy that has destroyed scores of medical facilities and killed hundreds of doctors and nurses since the start of the conflict.” (Amnesty International, 3). Thus, targeting hospitals also gives the “advantage” of a populous not able to sustain it’s own injuries. When people get injured by the bombs and rubble, they will have nowhere to go, leaving those people for dead. This strategy led to the fly-over bombings that killed dozens and dozens of people, and injured many more. “"Over the last several years direct, targeted attacks on health care institutions that are clearly civilian facilities have escalated greatly," says Dr. Michael Van Rooyen, an emergency physician and the director of Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.” (Beaubin, 3). This points to the rules of war falling apart. When there are no rules in place, there is no roof for how atrocious acts can become. Without immediate action, the next targets for such bombings may include schools, libraries, and other learning centers. Without essential infrastructure such as these, there will be

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