The Tale Of Othello By William Shakespeare

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The tale of Othello written by William Shakespeare is about several things; love, heroism, military, isolation and sadness. The contrasts of characters within in this play are almost as remarkable as the themes presented and evoked. Within this piece each character is balanced by another of similar or contrasting characteristics. Desdemona is balanced by her opposite, Iago. Her love and concern for others is at one end of the spectrum versus his hatred and concern for self at the other end. All of the characters present a range and variety as striking and different as that produced by the opposite. Othello and Iago are two opposites that balance each other’s personality and action throughout this piece. Their distinguishing qualities stand out to the mind’s eye therefore when we are not thinking of their actions or characterstics, the idea of them is still as present as ever. Prior to the opening scene it can be assumed that Othello and Iago had a great relationship. There is evidence throughout the play that prior to this point there had be confidence between the two men and they were both looked at as men of excellent ability and character. Othello was known as a noble Moor obtaining the highest military position. People also saw Iago as an upright and noble man as he earned the nickname “honest Iago.” However as portrayed in the first scene and throughout the remainder of the play, “honest Iago” becomes the mortal enemy of the noble Othello. We can tell that the play is
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