The Teacher that Society Needs

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The integration of technology has help society to improve as itself, it means in social, cultural and economic aspects. What concern teachers, is how technology and this “knowledge society” might help the teaching-learning process inside the classroom. So, in order to continue improving society and specially the educational field we must consider what means to educate in knowledge society, how to teach in it and finally what skills are needed to know how to integrate technology inside the classroom.
Educating in the knowledge society means to be aware of the constant changes that society is living. Social and cultural changes are happening day by day and aspects such as inequality and inequity are rising over the years. The new technologies are replacing people’s jobs and the modification of the social organization due to the integration of technology is now very different from 20 years ago. Cultural transformations are associated with the change within the families and its socializing function. Families are nowadays very different because its structure has change from traditional to more functional families. Tedesco mention that “for education can play a democratizing the role and not linked to the expansion and segregation role, will require advance more rapidly and radically in the process in the process of globalization” This means that for educating in the knowledge society the educational system might be democratic instead of allow segregation among people.

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