Evaluate How To Communicate And Integrated Case Study

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1. Evaluate how to communicate and collaborate effectively using a variety of modalities including digital-age tools that ensure the learner’s professional growth.

2. Reflect on design and implementation challenges experienced during the redesign of a prior coursework activity.

Purpose: The purpose of the research study was to examine how as reflective educational practitioners we could incorporate and implement the use of technology to create a blended professional learning community across districts within our state to share knowledge with fellow faculty on how a deeper understanding of subject matter can enhance problem- solving, critical thinking, and other 21st-century skills.

Goal: The goal of our research study was to understand …show more content…

The incorporation of technology in education help educators design learning environments where the facilitators of learning, teachers or students, have the knowledge to choose technological tools, devices, or materials because they deliver development and learning, which are the most important results of education. Teachers use the implementation of technology in education to create interactive curricula and lesson plans, which make students the center of the curriculum or lesson plan. With the implementation technology and incorporation of 21st Century Framework for Teaching and Learning, all students become very engaged in lessons and academic activities because they feel a sense of responsibility and independence for their learning and really enjoy learning and being provided with life skills that they will need out in the world.

The incorporation of technology in education encourages students to become critical thinker’s problem solvers, who use strategies and practices learned through technological activities and apply them to their own lives. The use of technology in the learning environment encourages students’ engagement in teaching and learning activities, combined with the provision of opportunities for students ’higher level of learning and collaboration, which are necessary skills required for successful achievement in today’s college and career lives.

The integration of technology in

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