The Teaching Style Of Walt Whitman

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Beliefs and teaching styles have been developed throughout the years, every year that it has been passed down it has continually changed from person to person, some changes are subtle while others are very drastic changes to something that was once so simple. Surely Christ was a teacher of sorts, but Socrates is a very good start to all of this, a great Greek philosopher with many great ideas that were later passed to Plato, who wrote what we now call Apology, a result of the trial that Socrates went through in the days of Ancient Greece. This whole process has been continuing for years and years and even still continues today into the modern day as teachers strive to find the best methods to teach their students, who are some points can …show more content…

He brings forth the idea that we need to get to a point where we no longer need the teacher so that we are able to teach ourselves what others are not capable of teaching us. Is the need of a teacher true, or is it just another challenge that society has set up for us to overcome? In a passage that many like to call, “Destroy the Teacher”, Whitman quotes, “He most honors my style who learns under it to destroy the teacher.” Perhaps, in some ways, it is better to destroy the teacher and to begin learning by ourselves and experiencing everything for ourselves, after all, experiences are better than just sitting a classroom and attempting to soak the information up like a sponge. When being self-taught, there is more information present to the person, while being in a classroom would provide learning with some restrictions, well, maybe a lot of restrictions. Whitman himself was a teacher, his influence has spread to many individuals and Janice Trecker in her paper reports, “The messianic Walt Whitman of the poem had a message that he clearly believed was vital, and, in fact, the form he chose proves highly effective as a teaching device.” Whether Whitman would’ve seen himself as a teacher or not is entirely a mystery because we are unable to ask him how he thought of himself, but even if he would’ve liked it, he was a good teacher to future writers.
The next piece needed to critique Whitman’s pedagogy properly is the real meaning behind the form of government that we

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