The Teleological Argument For The Existence Of God

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Our textbook Philosophy: An Introduction to the Art of Wondering, states that the “teleological argument for the existence of God is based on the apparent order and design of nature and cosmos, and on the purposive nature of evolution” (Christian, 2012, p. 611). The cosmos can be explained currently with mathematical calculations, principles that are physical and chemical in nature, and psychobiological processes (Christian, 2012, p. 611). “Living organisms have distinctive metabolic and life-cycle rhythms…. Subatomic studies have revealed the complex configurations of energy patterns…. Cosmic processes run through ordered sequences resembling birth, life, and death” (Christian, 2012, p. 611). Thus, the teleological case follows a path or fate, such that occurrence of life transpired from a potential edict from some higher intelligence, namely God.…show more content…
Thus, there is no proof that there is only one god, instead of multiple divine beings.
• If there is a God and an intelligent design of the universe, then there is no reason for the natural disasters, illnesses, and other unexplainable events.
• The universe and biological systems often display randomness.
In order to find hard data to clarify and defend the answer would be difficult, since it is hard, if not impossible, to prove and verify that God exists. There is empirical observation, but not proven reasoning. Significant analysis in the form of scholarly articles can be found and various thoughts for and against the teleological argument, but not hard data. However, the teleological argument is convincing and is probably the most popular argument in attempting to prove the existence of God. This argument or belief has even been found to go back to the Greeks. Most religious people today use this argument as to the existence of God. Yet, to find hard data to prove the existence of God would be complex. We must rely on faith and commitment to our belief in
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