The Ten Commandments By Yahweh/The Holy Trinity

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The Templeton Prize - thirty pieces of silver.

The Ten Commandments, the only scripture ever written by Yahweh/the Holy Trinity, therefore the most important document in the world, many would say/believe. The Decalogue contains the Genesis Sabbath Commandment, pointing back to the Creation.

Yahweh, Moses, Jesus, St Paul and St Peter, their writings (in Trinitarian terms Yahweh/Jesus are one in essence, therefore, as it is believed, Jesus wrote the Ten Commandments with the Holy Spirit) would be dismissed verbatim by the Templeton committee.

It surely cannot be before a pope to sets in Vatican stone that evolutionism is the way the truth and how life developed. The intellectual crucifixion. Christ, Moses, and every Sabbath from Sinai

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