The Tenile Test: An Analysis Of The Tensile Force

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The tensile test, as known as the “tension test”, is one of a most fundamental type of mechanical test that used on a material. Tensile test is really inexpensive which makes this test more preferable.

From tensile test, how the material will react to forces being applied in tension can be determined. As the material is pulled by machine, material’s strength can be found along its elongation.

From the stress-strain curve of the tensile test, the values which can be found are Modulus of Elasticity, Yield Strength, the Tensile Strength, Percentage of Elongation and the Reduction in Area. Also the Toughness, Resilience, Poisson’s ratio can be found by using the tensile test.

In the report, these values will be found by doing the calculations and in the Results and Discussion part of the report, these calculations will be explained and discussed. This experiment is made with two different specimens.(one is made from aluminum and the other is made from steel)
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Specimen’s raw material = Aluminum Specimen’s raw material = Steel
Diameter of specimen = 12 mm Diameter of specimen = 15 mm
Gage length = 59 mm Gage length = 84 mm
Final Gage length = 69 mm Final Gage length = 95 mm

After fracture :
Max.load = 39.56276(kN) Max.load = 86.94378 (kN)
Max.stress = 349.8033 (MPa) Max stress = 492 (MPa)

→Theory of Experiment

Formulas That Will Be Used in Lab Report

Engineering Stress σ =
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