The Term Content As It Applies For Social Publishing

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1) Explain the term content as it applies to social publishing. According to the textbook, “Content is the unit of value in a social community, akin to the dollar in our economy” (Tuten & Solomon, 2015, p. 166). In other words, it is able to provide a social object for community participation. Content is the information and experiences directed towards users of social media. For instance, money needs to be able to retain its worth on a day to day basis, if people are going to be using it to pay for goods and services. The same goes for content in the social community, in which it needs to be consistent. 2) Identify the different formats where content appears. The different formats in which content appears are: • Blog posts and feature …show more content…

“Typically pillar content is made up of educational content that readers use over time, save, and share with others” (Tuten et al., 2015, p. 175). As the content continues to be shared, it creates more followers, readership, and friends. I could use the “How-To” article for my businesses pillar content because my business is to help people lose weight. As I have stated, I would post recipes on the social media sites I use along with including recipe books in some of the packages. Of course, not everyone is going to join my business; however, if the consumers like the recipes I am giving them, they will probably share it with some of their friends. This would help my company become more known, and possibly help me get more customers. Another type of pillar content I would use is the list article because my company sells packages to customers. When trying to promote my product to the consumers, I could briefly list what the packages consist of to make it easier for potential customers to read. Also, people will read a short bulleted post rather than a long article online. 4) Summarize the key points of Chapters 3, 4, & 5 (McHale). What did you learn that you will use as an employee and/or as an employer? The key points that I learned from Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of McHale’s textbook are to be careful when using social media. A person needs to be careful about what they post, who they post about, and the pictures they share or post

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