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Paola Capellan PI: 2647577 Assignment 2 – Chapters 5 thru 9 Journal CHAPTER 5 1. If students sit in the same classroom, read the same assignments, and hear the same lectures, are they all receiving the same education? Might these students interpret the same lesson differently because of the social worlds in which they live? Page 133 I believe that even though students have the same opportunities and environment in the same exact classroom, they are all still not receiving the same education. This all depends on their mental capacities, the amount of attention they give, and if they understand the assignments and lectures. Everyone can have different experiences and take in different information even though being in the same…show more content…
What did this experience teach you about conflict management? Page 207 18. What is one issue that elicits considerable disagreement in your community or in the larger society? Can you think of more than two sides to this issue? Page 208 CHAPTER 8 19. Have you even believed any of these five myths to be true? Explain. Page 222 20. Reflect on the self-assessment you just completed. In what area (awareness, understanding, skills, commitment) do you need the most improvement? What is one specific thing you can do now to improve? Page 227 21. After a day-long workshop on leadership in the workforce, one of the participants began to rethink his view of an effective leader. “Are effective leaders,” he asked, “more like proven gladiators (instrumental) or caring shepherds (expressive)?” Which of these two types of leaders best describes you? Why might you try to develop skills related to both types? Page 227 22. Do you vary your leadership style depending on the individuals and cultural diversity in a particular setting? 23. Does your cultural background influence your views about the effectiveness of leaders who show a great deal of interpersonal sensitivity? Explain. Page 231 24. How do you view yourself in terms of Hofstede’s six dimensions (Fig. 8.8)? For each dimension, place and “X” on one of the globes to indicate your own cultural preference. Do your preferences show the influence of your cultural background? Explain. Page 233 25. What is one important life
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