The Terrorist Attack on the Twin Towers

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When September 11 happened, I was too young to understand the gravity of what caused it and what the effects were when it happened. When I was growing up, I started to grasp what happened and understand why certain things about that day were suspicious. Some people believed that terrorists plotted the entire thing, while others believed that the government was completely behind it; I on the other hand was the middle. To this day I believe in evidence, and where there is little or no evidence, I become skeptical. I know that there were planes hitting the Twin Towers because there is video evidence proving it, but what happened with World Trade Center Building 7, the Pennsylvania field crash, and the Pentagon are questionable because there is no sophisticated evidence to prove that terrorists were behind it. Why am I not convinced with what the government says about terrorists attacking the Pentagon? What makes a person doubt what the government tells us, and what makes people believe in conspiracies when there is not enough evidence or lack there of? When the Twin Towers were hit, bystanders claimed to have seen a military plane because it was unmarked and had no windows. In addition to that, researchers looked at the video evidence of the Twin Towers, and what the government investigation papers said to understand how it really happened. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University wrote a research paper about how the Twin Towers and Building 7 collapsed using the laws of
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