The Terrorist Organization : Al Qaeda

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The terrorist organization I chose is Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda translates into, “The Base, The Foundation or The Fundament". This terrorist organization was established in 1988 and is still going on to the present day. This is one of the most active and dangerous terrorist groups out there today. Al Qaeda is worldwide but they are mainly located in the Middle East.

Al Qaeda is worldwide, but they now have control in Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. In the Af-Pak region there are 300-3,000 members in the organization. In the Maghreb there are about 800-1,000 members, West Africa has 100 members, Arabian Peninsula has 1,000-3,000, and Somalia has 10,000 members. All together Al Qaeda has about 19,115-27,315 members in their organization. The group just continues to grow and grow. Al Qaeda has had two leaders so far. Osama bin Laden was the first and he lead from (1988–2011). Ayman al-Zawahiri took over the leadership role as soon as Osama was assassinated and is still the leader to this day. Some of their allies are the Taliban, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, East Turkestan Islamic Movement, and Lashkar-e-Taiba (Web. Network of Terror). All of their allies are as equally dangerous. Al Qaeda is just more active with their threats.

As for religion, “Al Qaeda believes in its own version of Sunni Islam”(Web. Religious Terrorism). Sunni Islam is by far the largest religion of Islam. In 2009, Sunni Muslims were the majority of the world 's Muslim population
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