The Testament Of God 's Faithfulness

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God’s faithfulness is proved true time and time again through every trial and and error that is faced in both the old and the new testament. Such an in Genesis when God promised Noah to keep him and his family safe when he decides to flood the earth and get rid of mankind or even with Joshua who leads the israelites into the promised land after moses’ death. That is just covered in the old testament and there are many more parables throughout the old testament that show God 's faithfulness with his people. The great thing is God’s faithfulness does not just stop in the old testament his faithfulness and compassion for his people carries on over to the new testament where an individual will start to reveal the true meaning of God 's faithfulness and people who read the bible will come to find that God is faithful to anyone who seeks him and finds him. Ways that God 's faithfulness is seen throughout the new testament is proven under the Gospels in Matthew as well in Revelations. God is faithful to those who obey and follow his commands like Noah who was the only man who pleased God and loved him which is why God commanded Noah to build an ark due to the fact that God had intended on wiping out mankind for they were all sinful. With this Noah remains faithful to Lord because Noah knows God 's love never fails and builds the ark. After the completion of the ark it rained for forty days and forty nights. Only Noah was left, and those with him in the ark (Gen. 7:21,23). God

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