The Texas Assessment Of Knowledge And Skills

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The Texas Assessment of knowledge and skills, known as TAKS is a standardized test used throughout the State of Texas to determine whether or not a child is prepared for the next grade level. The TAKS test was implemented in 2003 to replace the “No child Left behind Act” The new addition to the test added science as well as social studies to the already existing math, reading and English. This test was design to obtain more information on where students currently resided in academics. Many have found flaw and criticized this test for numerous of reasons. The TAKS test has became ineffective in several ways it’s used to determine a teacher’s bonus or how well they communicate given information. When taking into account all theses view points, I have come to the conclusion that the TAKS and the STARR should no longer be used in its current role. One of the difficulties that arise with this test is the pass or Fail System. The test is also known for being bias towards those students who come from higher-class neighborhoods, simply because they have more educational resources. “The absence of standards virtually guarantees satisfied renouncement and access to knowledge, based upon income, ethnicity and the community one resides in” (French 2003). The resource available in the suburban culture has more of a variety than those who stay in rural population. The reason being is the gap between incomes, surroundings’ and family support. People that stay in the suburbs contribute

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