The Textual Analysis Of The E ! Tv Show Essay

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Previously, in the textual analysis of the E! TV show WAGS, I discussed if the show itself contributed to the idea that women mean more in society if they are in relationships and that women should always be in competition with each other. This theme is very prevalent in my audience analysis as well, but instead it is looking particularly at the audience’s reaction to the series. My specific research question was how does the audience incorporate the WAGS’ relationship goals and dynamics into their relationships, both platonic and romantic? The audience might not at all incorporate these mentalities into their life. This analysis looks into the impact that the show has and if it actually has the power to influence relationships. Specific aspects about the relationships that I researched in WAGS, was the hierarchy of women. The hierarchy stands; wives at the top, following girlfriends (in serious relationships), and dating or single women at the bottom. This analysis looked to see if the hierarchy is played out in actual reality. Through this interview with this WAGS follower, she did not find the show applicable to her life. This audience member views reality shows, such as the Kardashian’s and WAGS, as a pure entertainment instead of a construction of reality due to the basis of the shows being strictly about love and drama. The method I chose for this analysis is in-depth interview. This ethnographic method will be best because it allows me to understand an

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