The, The Ancient Olympics, By Nigel Spivey

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In the monograph, The Ancient Olympics, Nigel Spivey examines how culture encourages and shapes the Olympic Games, as well as become a safe haven for ancient Greece during times of conflict. This multifaceted monograph demonstrates that the societal behavior of the Athenians shifted within prescribed roles regarding the use of violence, the imagery of true beauty, and the love for Greece’s youth during the games. In addition to shedding light on society’s enlightening interpretation of what occurs within the gymnasia, the Olympic Games redirect a whole new meaning to conflicts that arise on and off the Olympic stage. Although the concept of a multifaceted culture revolving around incessant conflict is not new to the study of ancient Greece, it is Spivey’s unique analysis of the impact of the Olympic Games that make his argument so compelling to his readers. Specifically, Spivey argues that the behaviors captured during the Olympic games in ancient Greece and Rome are synonymous with the shifts in cultural norms observed , as well as society’s reactions to incessant conflict surrounding ancient Greece, within and outside of the Olympic gymnasia. In order to conceptualize the very shift in cultural norms that took place during the Olympic Games within ancient history, Nigel Spivey claims in his monograph that the societal interpretation of the Games correlates to culturally prescribed roles regarding strife as a guiding principle of existence, the imagery of true masculinity,
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