The Theme Of Conflict In The Wave By Todd Strasser

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Conflict is often used in books for a lot of different reasons. In the book THE WAVE by Todd Strasser there is a good amount of conflict. In The Wave, Strasser uses conflict to create uneasiness in the reader. vc The first type of conflict the author uses to create uneasiness is Man vs. Himself. One example of this is when Mr. Ross walks into the classroom the day after the initial experiment. ¨A few students glanced at him uncertainly---waiting to see if he'd carry it further. Should he? It was such an experience and so different from the norm that it tantalized him. What could they learn from this? What could he learn? Tempted by the unknown, Ben decided it was worth finding out.¨ This creates uneasiness in the reader because this…show more content…
As you can probably see, the author creates uneasiness in the reader with this type of conflict. Another type of conflict the author uses to create uneasiness in the reader is Man vs. Man. The first example of this type of conflict is between David and Laurie. ¨David look down the hall at a clock. ¨I don't understand you,¨ David said. ¨David, I can't believe how crazy everybody's gotten. The wave is taking over everything.¨ ¨Sure,¨ David said. ¨Because the wave makes sense, Laurie. It works. EVerybodys on the same ream. Everybody's equal for once.¨ ¨Oh, That's terrific,¨ Laurie said sarcastically. ¨Do we all score a touchdown?¨ David stepped back and studied his girlfriend. He hadn't expected anything like this. Not from Laurie. ¨ Don't you see,¨ Laurie said, mistaking his hesitation for a glimmer of doubt. ¨You're so idealistic, David. You're so intent on creating some kind of utopian wave society full of equal people and great football teams that you don't see it at all. It can't happen, David. There will always be a few people who don't want to join. They have a right not to join.¨ David squinted at his girlfriend. ¨You know,¨ he said, ¨you're just against this thing because you're not special anymore. Because you're not the best and most popular student in the class now.¨ ¨That's not true and you know it!¨ Laurie gasped. ¨I think
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