The Theme Of Contradictions In The Guest By Albert Camus

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Essay #3
There are many contradictions in Daru’s life; for example, he seems both to belong and not to belong to Algerian society in 1954; he is both fiercely individualistic while at the same time an integral part of collective (social) life. Explain the contradictions that characterize Daru’s life and answer the question, why is it, despite contradictions, that Daru seems so certain of himself in his actions and thoughts.
“The Guest” is a story written by Albert Camus, an Algerian journalist and writer who was born and lived in Algeria. Later on, because of his activities and thoughts, he was sent out of Algeria and lived in Paris France” (Wellek/Lawall, 2010, pp. 1041-1049). His way of living and the incidents that had happened in his life is very obvious in his stories. The reader can easily find out what he was …show more content…

One day the gendarme come to his school and brings him an Arab prisoner who has killed his cousin. The gendarme wants Daru to take the prisoner to the police station. Daru first refuses to keep the prisoner but the gendarme force him to do so and puts Daru in a hard ethical situation. This is because the gendarme is busy doing other tasks and duties and wants Daru to keep the prisoner and help him hand over the Arab prisoner so he can go and do his other activities. When Daru brings them tea, he founds that the Arab man’s hands are folded. So he asks the gendarme to let him open his hands. This shows how Daru is caring about humanity and treating the prisoner as it is worth to treat other humans. When he is left alone with the prisoner, he faces with himself and needs to make a decision either to hand over the prisoner or to let him go. During the night and the time he is with the prisoner, Daru gives opportunities to the prisoner to escape away. But the prisoner stays and chooses his own way. At the end of the story, Daru did what he was thinking was ethically right for him as an

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