The Theme Of Identity And Choices In Divergent

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Identity and choices

The theme of Identity and choices plays very important role in Divergent. Divergent is a novel about choosing who you are and how you define yourself. It’s about belonging somewhere. Most of the characters in the novel are young adults and they’re struggling to find identities for themselves and choose what kind of personality to have, or where to belong. This theme applies to real life as well because we constantly are trying to find who we are and how we define ourselves. Our decision in life all comes down to us and the path we choose, but just one choice can transform us. Veronica Roth created a strange dystopian world that morally depends on the choices people make in life, because their choices define who they really are as people. In the novel Divergent the choice of faction defines the person more than anything else. The dystopian world of factions created in the novel defines identity
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Forcing people to choose one identity for themselves at such an early age only leads to confusion. Tris was born and brought up in Abnegation where she must remain selfless and was never allowed to focus on herself. Tris has traits of multiple factions but in the choosing ceremony she chooses Dauntless faction because she feels it will allow her to discover her true self. Tris’s character underwent many changes from when she was in Abnegation to now. Being a part of dauntless gave Tris strength and bravery. In dauntless her bravery begins to flourish. Her identity develops further with every decision she makes, which eventually makes her realise that she cannot limit herself to a single identity or a faction because she has some traits of abnegation (her birth faction) and she
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