The Theme Of The Most Dangerous Game

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In his tale, “The Most Dangerous Game,” Richard Connell tells the Rainsford’s story on a mysterious island in the Caribbean Sea. Furthermore, Connell explains that people who arrive at this place are forced to participate in a sinister game that is described, by the author, as the most dangerous game. This Connell’s tale is a suspenseful and adventure story about two experienced hunters against one another in a life-and-death competition in which only one of them can be the winner. According to the Sparknotes website, the human-hunting-humans scenario in this story has inspired countless novels, television episodes and films, such as The Hunger Games, that have tried to recapture the essence of Connell’s original story. Throughout this story, …show more content…

However, theme is not synonymous with topic, for topic refers to “the general subject matter of a narrative,” while theme is “the articulation of a ‘statement’ manifesting the author’s or narrator’s personal position on that topic” (Pacheco and Meyers 85). In other words, theme and topic are not the same; they are different because topic can be a word or fragment while theme is a complete sentence of position. In “The Most Dangerous Game,” the reader can find topics such as revenge, violence, cruelty, and capitalism, as well as several themes or dominating ideas that are developed throughout the story. Some themes are explicit while others are implicit in the narrative. It is important to remember that themes are determined for the reader and the author together; for this reason, each reader generates a theme throughout his or her reading …show more content…

In this way, this Connell’s story emphasizes those who are in power get to make the rules. Furthermore, this story connects capitalism with injustice, inequality, exploitation, and evil; for example, when Zaroff indicates “life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and, if need be, taken by the strong” (Connell 16). As Pickering said, theme is a “statement about life that unifies and controls the total work” (Pacheco and Meyers 84); therefore, this story explores how society is divided into social classes that reinforce the idea of those who are in power are who have the most rights, including killing those who have nothing just for fun. For example, General Zaroff was an aristocratic person who was bored to hunt animal, so he invented a new animal to hunt –humans. Moreover, this theme is reinforced in the story when Zaroff said, “I hunt the scum of the earth -sailors from tramp ships- lascars, blacks, Chinese, whites, mongrels- a thorobred horse or hound is worth more than a score of them” (Connell 16); that is, in an economical perspective this Connell’s tale explores how capitalism is a harmful economical

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