Essay on The Theme of The Cider House Rules

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During my senior year of high school, I often had dreams about leaving my parents house. Fantasizing about freedom and, the ability to come and go as I wished took the place of time designated for class work. I was tired of being told what to do, and I grew weary of the monotony of taking out the garbage and cleaning my room. Being told to come in the house by 10 pm while my friends stayed until 12 pm seemed unfair to me. The media bombarded my mind with the idea that being a football captain in senior year was supposed to be filled with keg parties, and orgies with cheerleaders. Schoolwork and housework weren't a a part of my 12th grade master plan.

My thinking continued in this manner until I happened across a movie named "The Cider
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But, when forced to make decisions that will change the course of his future, Homer ultimately realizes he can't escape his past.

While working at the orphanage, homer meets a young couple. Candy and Wally. They come in to have an abortion done. Wally and homer begin to converse and they soon begin to talk about the apple orchard. Wally happened to be a military Homer seemed to be intrigued by the pilot and what ever he had to say. Wally invites Homer to work at the Worthington orchard, and he eagerly accepts. To me and you, going from being a doctor to being a apple picker isn't exactly what people would call making progress society, but at that point homer was convinced that anything to get away from the orphanage was good for him. Homer was basically looking for a way to get out and see the world and express himself. Upon arriving at the orchard, homer met a few migrant workers.

Including Mr. Rose, who happened to be the head worker and his daughter, Rose Rose. Homer learned a lot living at the orchard. He learned important life lessons that a young man should know.

Homer experienced things that cannot be studied in any book, or even learned from the best professor on the most prestigious campuses. Homer grew more mature by becoming intimate with Candy while Wally was at war. This was a step up, because the only other female that was interested in Homer was a young girl at the
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