Identity In Frankenstein Essay

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Identity is something that many people struggle with. Sometimes thoughts become a jumbled, mixed-up pot, that people are forced to pick out of because they are not secure or comfortable with who they are. They have to deal with the cards they are dealt because of circumstance and sometimes even survival. Not knowing who you are or what your purpose in life is can be difficult. However, not having someone to guide and support you while trying to figure out these missing pieces in your identity is even more heartbreaking. One can imagine this feeling through the eyes and mind of Frankenstein's monster. Throughout the story of Frankenstein the author, Mary Shelley, depicts the life of the lonely monster. Being created from the innocent curiosity of a young scientist, this actions turns many lives around. Not only does the monster live in sadness and discomfort, knowing no one loves him, but Victor, his creator is torn inside with the shocking discovery of his creation. Out of fear, Victor abandons his very own creation out of fear. However, this lack of knowledge doesn’t give him time to find out the true loving soul inside the ugly exterior of his creation. Throughout the novel, an audience is able to see how abandonment, intolerance, and inner daemons are connected through the use of characterization, conflict and point of view.
Abandonment is a huge part of Shelley’s novel. For instance, both characters, Victor and his monster feel the emotional detachment and hardships of

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